Preparing for Plantings

Crystal Springs copy

Keep Mississippi Beautiful’s Sarah Kountouris, Crystal Springs Mayor Sally Garland, MSU Extension Service’s Dr. Brett Rushing and others look at a possible planting site in Copiah County.

By Wildflower Trails of Mississippi

The best time to plant wildflower seeds is during the fall, so we’re working to identify locations and start preparing for plantings. We’re working with Keep Mississippi Beautiful affiliates across the state as well as other community groups to find great places to plant wildflowers, such as along roadways, at city and county entrances and other public places.

Non-native, turf grasses pose a threat to wildflowers, as they spread across the ground, providing competition to young wildflower plantings. Before planting, we’ll have to apply herbicides to control these non-native grasses.

Then, we establish our wildflowers. Our wildflower “cocktail,” or collection of seeds we plant, also includes some native, warm-season grasses. Native grasses are desirable because they thrive in this area’s climate. They also provide nice colors for aesthetics and habitat for wildlife.

We’ll keep you posted as we prepare for plantings across the state. See more photos.

Have a spot in mind in your community? Email us.

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